Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★


Enjoyed this so much more than Zack Snyder's other zombie movie, Dawn of the Dead. Characters are not even remotely memorable, rendering the action hollow, but it's enjoyable in a "turn off your brain" kind of way. For me, I definitely had to since there's plenty of annoying characters and one especially dumb story reveal. I'm happy about the amount of deaths, which were expected, couldn't care less about the people in this so setting up some gnarly kills was worth it. Elements that hampered my liking were the alpha zombies and the runtime. I actively disliked the alphas and the decisions made regarding them. As for the runtime, this didn't have to be near two and a half hours. I didn't need melodramatic breathing room with forgettable characters. All in all, not among the best zombie flicks I've seen but not among the worst either.

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