Champions ★★★★

Delightful. Gonna bet this is going to be among my favourite feel-good movies of the year. Sweet, satisfying and probably the most times I’ve laughed in the cinema this year so far. Saw it with a great crowd too. Yes, it’s predictable in all the beats it hits, but you shouldn’t expect anything otherwise in choosing to watch this. It knows what it is and doesn’t try to be anything different. If I had to give a negative, it ran a little long, though it wasn’t that big of an issue for me. Woody Harrelson and The Friends are just awesome to watch, very wholesome stuff. Harrelson is real proud of this movie judging from his IG posts and after seeing it, I can see why. Looks like he had a ton of fun making it and I had lots of fun watching. It’s a celebration of being a team.

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