Parasite ★★★★½

🍑's am I right? If you know, you know. 

My first Bong Joon-ho film in theaters and it was just incredible. Well worth the INSANE amount of hype surrounding this. It became more and more engrossing for me as the film progressed. It's also relentlessly engaging, exciting and even pretty funny. The depiction of class inequalities was ever so present and it felt like Bong explored every crevice of that between the two families. A lot to be impressed by, but the standouts for me are the direction, production design and screenplay. 

If you were like me and had suspicions of where the film would go because of the title, just you wait. One of my favourite films of 2019 and even though I think I like Okja the most, this is without a doubt another Bong hit.

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