The Matrix

The Matrix ★★★★★

This was my first rewatch of The Matrix in years. I have to say, this thing holds up astonishingly well. It really is a stunning accomplishment, both in its technical feats and in the way it blends big ideas with a gripping, easy-to-understand story that I would recommend to anybody. I know people give the Wachowskis a lot of guff for their output after this film, but there is so much artistry, so much impeccably developed visual language, so much thrilling action, and so much *fun* packed into this thing that I cannot possibly believe this was just a fluke. I really want to revisit the rest of their filmography now because this truly is one of the best blockbusters I have ever seen.

Also, I just want to commend the Wachowskis on how well the whole concept of The Matrix works as a metaphor for so many different things. The confines of gender as a trans allegory, the confines of capitalism as an economic and political allegory, the confines of the mind in any restrictive mental construct -- it is all so effortlessly woven together that it naturally invites analysis without ever feeling didactic. This is the stuff of great art. I feel like the sequels lost this nuance to a point, but here, it is just utterly fantastic.

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