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  • Suicide Squad

    Suicide Squad


    Things I took issue with:

    One of the first scenes features Harley provocatively licking the bars of her cell and making a joke about sleeping with whoever she wants, as well as the fact that Harley's sexuality comes up again and again, to say nothing of how many shots conveniently afford a long look at her ass.

    The main antagonists are supposed to be siblings who share power, but while the male is this towering mass of metal that fights…

  • Get Hard

    Get Hard


    You don't usually expect a movie whose entire concept is built around 'rich white man makes racist assumptions' to be quite so riddled with racist caricatures.

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  • After the Dark

    After the Dark


    This movie had some serious potential to win me over.

    It sounds like it's the kind of movie I'd love - a group of philosophy students are given a thought experiment that requires them to discuss the traits that make one human life more valuable to the continuation of the species than another.

    I mean, I studied philosophy for three years, and I loved any and all classes that dealt with ethics, so you can probably imagine a film focused…

  • Pompeii



    Occasionally, while watching a movie, I may take notes. However, this usually means the movie has not pulled me in, and I mostly wind up taking notes of things that I find strange/awful/laughable. What follows here are the notes taken while viewing Paul W.S. Anderson's Pompeii:

    Jon Snow has CGI abs (he shall be referred to only as Jon Snow, because I don't think Milo strikes me as a good, strong, Celtic name).

    Entirely unnecessary 'He's so hawt' conversation, definitely…