Panic Room ★★★★★

You can really feel the love when Meg Altman pours the Coke into the glass for her kid in the beginning, despite her being diabetic. One can also feel the love Sarah has for her mother as soon as she sees her despairing at the kitchen buffet island as she's sitting across from her when she says "Fuck 'em." and then "Fuck her, too." after Meg says "Don't."
This deep-down love is seen again later in the bedroom when Sarah tells her mom that it is too dark in her room before her moms tucks her in, and the emotional underscore is heard, and loving last-looks are exchanged before Meg retires into her own solitude for the rest of the evening in the new house. I've always loved this film for years, I was excited when it first came out and I was just as excited-if not more so-to watch it.