Justice League ★★★★


To cut to the chase, Justice League is good, not as good as Wonder Woman, but better than the rest of the DCEU though.

My biggest complaint with this movie is the dialogue, there's a lot of shoehorned references, and overall the dialogue could've used some polishing. Doesn't feel natural in a few spots.

The good news is that Zack Snyder shows his strengths, with great action and visual effects. There's so many beautiful sequences here, and the CGI is on point.

Surprisingly, characters all get a substantial arc. Cyborg is good, The Flash is a bit much at times. Batman and Wonder Woman stand out, Superman also feels refreshed and this is almost a rebirth of the character. Get's me excited for a Man Of Steel sequel, which is something I never thought I'd say.

Won't spoil more, but it's a good movie, still issues with dialogue that could be ironed out.

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