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  • Bait



    Cornwall fisherman finds his whole society is being taken over by tourists. The filming style is bizarre and I really didn't expect it to work as well as it does. Intentional black and white footage with film damage - no, this isn't a film coming late to the Grindhouse bandwagon. But it's actually a really interesting style.

    I felt a bit annoyed when I first put on the movie and realised that the guy on the DVD cover wasn't actually…

  • Tombs of the Blind Dead

    Tombs of the Blind Dead


    Best thing: Zombies on horseback. And these dead bodies riding around look so cool!
    Worst thing: If it wasn't bad enough that we see a flashback to a medieval-era woman tied up and tortured for ages. It's quite clear that her clothing that is being ripped is factory-made. The scene was boring enough without being also pulled out of the period setting.

    A Spanish horror film with a similar feel to the Italian horror films. Not quite as dream-like as…

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  • Scream


    I don't think the writer had a clue how mobile phones actually work, or phone records in general for that matter. The police seem to entirely forget that they can get the landline records very easily indeed and that would mean that they would know the exact times of any calls made. *sigh*

    I know that Neve Campbell and Courtney Cox were considered big names at the time, but to be quite frank they aren't any more. And that's not…

  • In Bruges

    In Bruges


    I wasn't as impressed as some with the movie "Phone Booth" and after "The Recruit" I was left convinced that Colin Farrell was completely hopeless as an actor. However, I checked out "In Bruges" because of the hype and was happily surprised to find that, in his natural accent and in the genre of comedy, Colin Farrell is absolutely brilliant. I have seen more evidence of this since then. In the film "The Way Back" Colin Farrell has a somewhat…