Upgrade ★★★★★

Best thing: All the fight scenes are amazing and I love how the camera leans to emphasise the fighting motions. So awesome.

Worst thing: Some of the lines are a little dumb, though not as bad in context as I'd been expecting from what I'd heard.

Upgrade is possibly the best sci-fi action movie since The Matrix (so that's the best one in over 10 years then).

A paralysed man is able to walk thanks to a super-advanced piece of technology, but when the technology takes a proactive interest things get out of hand. This actually reminds me of Helenhotter's movie Brain Damage, where a parasite keeps the host addicted to drugs while it murders people for their brains.

I did not see the ending coming and I was pleased to see that this did not just fizzle out in the end. And bizarrely, despite some pretty rough moments in places, my parents even had a great time with this one.

Seriously. Best sci-fi action movie since The Matrix. Believe it.

Just brilliant.

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