After Midnight

After Midnight ★★★

spooky season 2021 #57

Hooptober requirement: 8 decades - 3/8 (1980s)

i'm so glad this was solid because i would've been upset if this was another case of a fun poster for a shit film lmao.

better than a decent amount of similar horror anthology fare. consistency is lacking (the framing narrative is kinda weak other than the ending which was an absolute gag) but i liked each of the other stories. my favorite of all being "A Night on the Town".

when i settled in to watch the dvd i got from netflix i had no recollection of this film on any level. having such an extensive watchlist that has just grown more and more out of control (i'm constantly adding to it) will do that. regardless of how and when i found it, i'm glad i watched it now. it was a nice light viewing experience for a wednesday night.

will definitely come back to this someday.

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