My Soul to Take

Halloween Watchathon 2019 - Film #89

One of, if not the single weirdest films I've ever seen. At least in terms of ones that saw a wide release. I know this gets a lot of shit but I think it's really interesting, especially in context of Craven's late filmography. There's a lot of shit going on and it almost certainly doesn't come together but what's there is compelling, even if it's a "there's something here, even if it happened by mistake/a happy accident" type thing. I feel like a lot of Craven's films are plagued by "what ifs?" and it's such a downer that this was a frequent occurence. I enjoy this (and a lot of the other more polarizing ones like Cursed) more than most but I can't help but imagine what they could've been had they not been interfered with so heavily.

I don't want to steer anybody wrong but I can't help but feel like this is worth a look just because of how wild this is. It surely isn't a run of the mill genre film for better or worse.

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