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Halloween Watchathon 2018 - Film #9

This has to be one of the biggest turn arounds in opinion I've ever had with a film. I saw this for the first time pretty late (especially since I was into horror since I saw my first horror film around 99 or 2000 to begin with) a few years back and couldn't stand it. Over time and repeated viewings I've come to see this as a standout in the genre.

Absolutely love the 90s/VHS look to things and the setting is very effective. This has some of my favorite outdoor cinematography in the genre. I'm not a very outdoorsy person so spending a weekend in the woods under normal circumstances is a horror story enough before shit starts going wrong lmao.

Sure there isn't much going on in the grand scheme of things and the characters can get grating depending on your mood but that can apply to a lot of horror cinema. (I mean for an example, the screaming that pretty much never ends in the last 1/2 of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is one?) What little this film does have though is used for all it can be. Each time I view this I feel like it's going to lose effect as I know how things go but by the end of the film things have built up and the ending gets me again. For something that has been controversial among viewers and went over to death, it's worth noting that it still had an effect on me.

I don't know. I'm glad this is continuing to grow on me. I feel like the distaste I previously had for this might have partially stemmed from what it inspired/kicked off which wasn't fair of me. Kinda wish the sequel to this wasn't a flop and we got continued entries of differing execution but still with a Blair Witch framing as that seems pretty interesting but it wasn't to be, I guess.

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