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This review may contain spoilers.

Film #6 of Casey's Halloween Watchathon 2017

Decided to go through this one since other than the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre I don't own any Tobe Hooper films.

It still doesn't hold a candle to the original (not that it's trying to) but it is growing on me bit by bit with each viewing it seems. I don't see this one ever having the replay factor that the first does due to Chop Top alone. I was so happy when Stretch sawed his ass finally at the end. I know some have problems with both of these films as far as annoyance goes due to the constant screaming and just general wackiness of this one but I've never been too bothered. Chop Top however? I can definitely see him taking me out of a viewing if I come into this in a less than optimal mindset/mood for the film.

I mentioned it in my review of Eaten Alive last year but it deserves mentioning again. Hooper's post-Chainsaw output is truly something. I've only seen a small chunk of it (hopefully more to come during this season) but they really deliver in terms of how wild things get.

Definitely worth a go if you can keep your expectations in check.

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