Doctor Sleep

Doctor Sleep

Doctor Sleep; The massacre of a masterpiece or should I say a mistake that I will carefully take the pleasure to forget.

Kubrick is to cinema what Shakespeare is to literature. A monument so
prodigious that is unthinkable to attack.

We never attack the Sun.

And yet, this film exists: an absurd mix of references, conscious or
unconscious, ranging from Peter Pan (I’m serious) to Trainspotting (the best moment in the whole film) with laughable
special effects and actors with grotesque performances.

Nothing about this film is scary. It all felt like an explanatory fan
fiction sequel, in a reality where the 'Shining' is common, completely
rational and with an unfounded need to constantly explain and justify
Even the child (with the laughable name) wasn't afraid! She was
ridiculously sure of herself, so much so that I nearly felt sorry for
the bad guys. The latter, a pseudo Living Dead gang, seemed to come
straight out of an episode of Twilight with their ridiculous costumes
and caricatured personality.

It is not by copying the genius music
and breathtaking aerial shots from the original that you get a good
film. The beauty of Kubrick's film remains the mystery and the vertigo
felt throughout,an unexplained and anguishing journey. A haunting
gradual descent into madness. That descent is slow, lonely, unjustified, which in turn becomes terrifying.
Doctor Sleep not only destroys this magic but also gives it a vulgar,
grotesque and pop culture flavour. This film is to be avoided at all cost.

P.S: there’s also a ref to Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets when he’s writing on the wall. Hilarious.

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