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This review may contain spoilers.

"Son, I'd blow your brains out if I thought you had any."

Dark comedy through and through with as many fun jokes as there are dark elements. Jeffrey Donovan is a smooth-talking serial killer that has been operating with his wife played by Kyra Sedgwick for decades. They happen to come across two low-bit robbers played by Maika Monroe and Bill Skarsgård, all hell breaks loose.

More than anything, I believe this to be a showcase of sorts for the actors featured. Each of them were so delightful to watch in their respective character roles and they played awful people brilliantly. One side of the spectrum of villainy fighting against the complete opposite side is something very interesting to me with this one. Mickey and Jules are said to have "good hearts" while we see George and Gloria have no such luxury with their lives filled with murder and possible rape in order to fulfill the want of having their own child.

Maika Monroe's character of Jules is a very sweet and resourceful villain, who thinks the world of her Mickey. She always wanted to get the little girl out of the basement and that only adds to her "good-hearted" nature, which also makes her the less-villainy type of all four villains we see here. It only makes sense she would be the only one to make it out with the little girl and reach her and Mickey's dream of selling shells in Florida. Mickey and Jules were a Bonnie and Clyde with a good conscience while George and Gloria were the devil incarnate: a possible look into the future if Jules kept going down the road of petty crime.

I loved all the actors involved with this and will always watch what any of them do next. They all shine in this and that alone is enough for anyone to watch this story of cascading crime take place in a home from Hell.

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