Love Hard

Love Hard ★★

This has that really ugly, bright, unrealistic, pretty people Netflix aesthetic. Gross. The camera work and framing are really terrible. It's like a mix between a CW and Hallmark production showing zero signs of creativity and effort. The score is distracting and they keep mentioning she's allergic to Kiwi's so waiting for her allergic reaction was annoying. She matched with Wilfred Malick! Hail Hydra.

What a character shift when we meet the obvious Josh. For someone who seemed to like her when they were texting, it seems like he couldn't care less now. That's more surprising than the obvious deception. The movie does at least get more likable just before Josh's brother is introduced but that likability is mostly in contrasting association with him.


"My dad didn't set fires unless there were insurance claims involved." Woah there I'd like to know more...

The Killers' Battle Born album spotted on Josh's wall.

The only time the cinematography and camera work are serviceable is during the stressful engagement party scene. Pretty unnecessary to tell everyone all at once, Nat only needed to pull them aside it seemed. Cheesy walk home and a predictable ending but the 'Love Actually' nod at the end was memorable in a rip-off sort of way.

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