Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★

The flick opens and they're talking about coffee and milk frothers and I already kind of hate this. Awful dialogue with nothing of interest and a lazy opening credits sequence. Someone wants to do 007 but can't and the first 15 minutes show for damn good reason why.

I needed a break took a 2 hour break 15 minutes in and smoked so much my shadow made me laugh. Honestly wouldn't have been able to get through this otherwise. An embarrassing lie always works, Josh Hartnett totally did it. I know not what it is, but he did it. Impossible meat. This dialogue is gets better and better. I'm pivoting to Bullet did it. Rob Delaney is a wild choice, his lines sound so silly in first scene he shows up in and his only other one is so brief it doesn't matter.

The direction is far more poignant and cerebral that I expected in the 2nd act. Statham gives an actually pretty great performance, empathetic and solemn. The Johnny Cash song is on point but why the hell did they ruin it by scoring it like a movie trailer? The torture scenes are extremely unnerving but they almost offensively try to give a fun undertone to it. No.

The shift in the 3rd act to the robbers timeline worked for me. I appreciate the moments outside of the violence, the dialogue gets better with focus and decisive writing. 'Wrath of Man' is much better than it began in the 3rd act but falls into a chaotic bore again in the 4th act. They also go and kill the only 2 black robbers first... Also Jeffrey Donovan said "he's a soldier" like that means he's decent. No he's a killer.

MONEY ISN'T WORTH DYING FOR. Fuck capitalism. "This is not your money." Mr. Manager is the only one who had it right.

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