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  • Interstellar
  • La La Land
  • The Great Gatsby
  • Back to the Future

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  • The Other Boleyn Girl


  • The Truman Show


  • Leaving Las Vegas


  • Cruel Intentions


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  • GoodFellas



    I could watch this a million & one times and STILL find it entertaining. Probably my most rewatched movie ever & an all-time classic.

  • Everything Everywhere All at Once

    Everything Everywhere All at Once


    "Everything Everywhere All at Once" is hands down one of the most mind-blowingly wild movies I've ever seen. I mean, seriously, it takes you on a cinematic rollercoaster like no other.

    I'll admit, I heard all the buzz about it and was like, "Can it really be that good?" But you know what? It definitely is.

    This flick blends genres like it's nobody's business. It's all over the place, in the best way possible. The story weaves through different dimensions…

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  • Spider-Man



    This movie was a game-changer for me. It was an experience that kickstarted my love for films. Being my first movie that I ever watched in theaters, it holds a special place in my heart. The action was amazing, the comedy was amazing, the drama was amazing, the romance was amazing, everything was just AMAZING. It had the perfect blend of it all (they should have just named this “The Amazing Spider-Man” because thats what this movie was—Amazing). Every swing…

  • The Truman Show

    The Truman Show


    This is what I thought reality TV was supposed to be, as a kid.

Popular reviews

  • The Killing of a Sacred Deer

    The Killing of a Sacred Deer


    Okay, so, let's talk about 'The Killing of a Sacred Deer.'  I think this may be one of the most bizarre movies I’ve ever seen in my life. This film is like a rollercoaster ride through the Twilight Zone & I'm not sure if I loved it or was completely baffled. But one thing's for sure, it's unforgettable.

    The story, oh boy, it's something else. It's so strange that you can't help but be sucked into its weirdness. It's like a…

  • Past Lives

    Past Lives


    "Past Lives” took me on quite a ride, and I can't say I didn't have mixed feelings about it. The pacing, well, it kind of dragged, to be honest. But oh boy, the cinematography was a whole different story. It was like a visual love letter, with scenes so beautifully captured that it felt like I was flipping through pages of a stunning poetry book.

    But here's the twist: "Past Lives" wears its inspirations, especially from "In the Mood for…