Scream ★★★★★


I got to see this in a packed cinema at night with a load of uni students and it was the best experience ever. People said some of the lines along with the film, cheered at the Craven cameo and Wes Carpenter line, laughed out loud and cheered and clapped when the movie finished. You Americans might be used to that, but for most of us English people, audiences didn’t even make that much noise during Endgame. So yes, hearing all the appreciation for this movie was an absolute beautiful experience and honestly just seeing Scream in cinemas makes it so much better

After almost a full year of The Shining being my fav movie, Scream has overtaken it. Not really a surprise that both became my fav after I saw them in the cinema for a reshowing but yes. Also they played the 5cream (fight me) trailer after and that was nice too <3

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