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  • The Handmaiden

    The Handmaiden


    The Handmaiden is a beautiful film, the cinematography is stunning, the characters are interesting and the story is intriguing. However the sex scenes are, as we say, problematic. While I think the one in the first act important for the characters and the story to develop, the one in the second act was a textbook example for the male gaze.

  • The Possibilities Are Endless

    The Possibilities Are Endless


    Beautiful images and very moving story about Edward Collins about his way back into making music after suffering from a stroke.

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  • No Cameras Allowed

    No Cameras Allowed


    Because Marcus carrying thousands of dollars worth of cameras can't afford to go to Coachella decides to sneak into it. He continues sneaking into festivals, takes a few great pictures and Mumford & Sons invite him to their tour.

    The story is supposed to be how Marcus is kind of an asshole because he doesn't call his mom and girlfriends and when he realises that he is an asshole he plans a trip with all of his friends to sneak into…