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  • Sunshine



    By reigniting the sun, humanity defied its own doom. We from earth, look up to the skies, to the sun, grateful for this one extra chance. We smile, unaware of the tension and horrors our saviors endured and payed for the rest of humanity.

    From a fantastic and grounded script by Alex Garland, I can bet that the most extraordinary element of it is the fact that, somehow, the whole planet came together and built not only one, but two…

  • Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie

    Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie


    What seemed at first as a superhero flicked aimed to a (very) young audience took me by surprise by how creative, exciting, and hilarious it actually is. It's a film that is hard to recommend to and older audience because of the jaded list of stale animation Dreamworks have dedicated to produce recently. However, "Captain Underpants" provides as much entertainment and enjoyment to kids as it does to adults. It's a movie that understands completely what it is and takes…

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  • Alien



    A sci-fi horror, Alien is one of the few films that manages the hard task of attempting to be two genres at once, and actually being a good piece of cinema in either genre.

    It's easy to tell that on paper Alien is not a huge deal. But when you have a historic director like Ridley Scott, you can be sure that the film will be a wonderful experience. Scott's direction in this movie is phenomenal, as he manages to…

  • Shutter Island

    Shutter Island


    "This is a game. All of this is for you. You're not investigating anything. You're a fucking rat in a maze."

    Just a few days after reading the original novel, which is amazing by the way, I can happily say that the movie is even greater.

    The whole concept of a island used to treat and study clinically insane inmates, whilst being a metaphor for how alone and detached we they are from ordinary society, makes for the perfect setting…