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  • The Edge of Seventeen

    The Edge of Seventeen


    people say it helps to talk about what we went through cause then we can process it and go on with our lives. i've asked myself many times if that was the right thing to do for me. and if i did do it, would i ever be able to really put it behind me? i talked about it many times, maybe too many times. it never helped. i realized tonight that maybe what i forgot to do was talk…

  • When in Rome

    When in Rome


    i’m watching this right now.. also, i spent all day creating thisΒ listΒ of comfort movies to watch if you are feeling down. check it out if you want:)

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  • Mommy



    update: the aspect ratio change still gives me chills, the karaoke scene still makes me cry, and the ending still hurts like hell. also, bumping this up to five starts because it deserves it.

  • Arrival



    watched this yesterday, writing this now because i can’t stop thinking about it. what an experience! this was the first villeneuve i loved!! completely adored it. i was drawn in from the start, my eyes didn’t leave the screen until the words arrival appeared and i knew it was over.. it felt like a journey through space, only lasting a few seconds. felt like a dream, surreal yet familiar. i explored galaxies, discovered death, and then woke up after two…