Amélie ★★½

Amelie makes its presence noticed straight off the bat. There is a quirkiness that aims to encapsulate a bubbly and eye-catching energy that separates it from many films. It shows inspiration to the works of the French New Wave, most notably in its usage of articulate narration and unorthodox cinematography, elements that constantly remind us that a barrier exists between ourselves and its protagonist, that we are indeed watching a film.

The aesthetic that the film delivers is undoubtedly interesting, but since the storytelling that it employs in revealing the inner shades of this woman, who has endured through a childhood filled with isolation, trauma, and suppression, her new found agenda to create a brighter world, unfortunately, fails to translate the depth of yearning that it potentially could have striven for. This is a film that treads along its narrative too briskly, lacking in any sense of urgency towards it's plotting and character development. It does not become entirely clear on what Amelie is searching for until about an hour and so in, and by then I found myself already slightly restless.

I can definitely say there is a disconnect between myself and the film, and I did genuinely hope that I would be deeply drawn to it as others have. Despite the individual particulars that I deem to be impressive, for the most part, I feel careless, unsure of the intention or beauty that Jean-Pierre Jeunet is advocating with this film. Better luck on the next viewing, I guess.

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