Django Unchained ★★★½

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Django Unchained is Quentin Tarantino's latest and most indulgent film. It seems he has taken the manipulating of history approach that made Inglourious Basterds such a compelling film to sit through; but what makes this entry fall in comparison is that its story feels self-indulgent. It tackles interesting ideas and characters but puts them in a plot that drags. The film could have ended with its first gun fight between Candie's goons and Django, but the film decides to spread out another half an hour that had multiple instances where the film could have ended.

That being said, the film has wonderful performances from its cast, particularly Leonardo DiCaprio whom which has one of the most intense monologues of all time. I also thought the film's violence was tastefully gruesome, coming at you at the most unexpected of moments. Tarantino achieves build up and suspense like a master, creating moments that slowly build up to an explosive moment. It leaves audiences hanging on the edge of their seats. It takes the idea of slavery and the horrible conditions of its time, and use that bring some hilarity; though surprisingly, certain scenes carry a sense of weight, like when Schultz first sees the man being ripped apart by rabid dogs as punishment, and the visions of it that appears later on the film. It provides a sense of balance that makes Django Unchained more than just homage or a parody.

Django Unchained is far from Tarantino's best, but the film certainly had the elements within to produce a perfect film, it simply played with its ingredients too indulgently that it hurts the overall experience. My previous review of the film would provide a more comprehensive take.

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