Five Came Back ★★★★½

Review In A Nutshell:

Five Came Back is an outstanding documentary that highlights the experiences and contributions of five Hollywood directors during the emergence of World War 2. We gain insight on the passion they share for the war and the propaganda pieces they created in order to boost the morale of the American soldiers. We are given a tour of the techniques they implemented that allowed their intentions to be transferred across, we witness the struggles they had to endure in realising their visions, we feel the trauma that they endured as the tragedies of war became further prominent in their involvement. Most interestingly, the film reveals the beauties that came about their personal experiences, with each of the filmmakers providing, arguably, their best work after the war. Five Came Back is a treat for film historians and enthusiasts, and the presence of five great modern filmmakers narrating their own opinions on the matter makes it all the more glorious.

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