Her ★★★★★

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Staring at the ceiling on the brink of midnight, examining life through critical lenses, exposing the gaping hole that exists in your life. Turning to the left, viewing on the corner of the view, the particles in the air falling gently on the surface of the soft cotton, in days of seeming contentment and fulfilment, such elements seems invisible through the naked eye, but in days of gloom and sorrow such events are heightened and speak with great meaning.

Crippling from the moment it opens, Her examines its characters and those who view their journey, its emotions are stimulative and welcoming, yet simultaneously penetrative and painful. One loses themselves and endure through the hardships of love, a feeling that exists in multiple forms, one that is both life affirming and life depleting, it demands much of us, both conditionally and unconditionally, but it is in the swaying flow that it exists in our lives that would leave us contented and fulfilled in our moment of departure, the pain of leaving is present, but it is one that is more tender and warming than anything imaginable.

Her recalls the empty space that exists on my bed, a spot reserved simply for another to occupy, desiring the open-hearted discussions that commonly takes place before moments of slumber, to share one another’s angsts and aches before having to endure another day. Spike Jonze has crafted something beyond the blanket of romance, much more exists beneath for us to explore and analyse, its commentary is extensive and boldly personal, when one finds the window into its soul, one emerges from it different, more insightful of oneself, the world existing varying slightly to what it was before we entered into this world of progressed metropolis.

I sit, I contemplate, I move on, I endure through the trials and opportunities of life, yet a part of me is still unfilled, a piece that would make my life complete, possibly it is not yet my time, but the pain of exclusion and failure is persistent, hoping to survive from such agony and start anew tomorrow; life is beautifully painful.

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