Inception ★★★★★

Though The Dark Knight was the catalyst to Christopher Nolan’s outstanding success as a director, one that broke through the mainstream and established a cornerstone for the films that lied ahead. It was Inception, a throwback to the bold mind benders of his lesser mainstream productions, that solidified him as one of the enduring titans of contemporary cinema.

From the extended thought process that went through in shaping the film’s premise to the emotional crux of Cobb’s personal history, one that takes familiar cues to the protagonists of his previous films, Inception is an engaging experience. From beginning to end, it litters itself with exposition, but one that never feels burdening, as with each spoken word or emphasised close-up, highlights an element that enlightens the viewer of the characters and the concept around it.

This is a film that treats its characters well and continues to do so as the film progresses, not allowing the weight of the MacGuffin and action set-pieces to dampen the psychological and emotional development of its characters. It was in this ability to create this gravitas, and maintain it until the very end, that has allowed Inception to be the thrill ride it sets out to be; a perfect balance of emotional storytelling and bombastic entertainment.

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