La La Land

La La Land ★★★★

Review In A Nutshell:

Third time’s a charm. La La Land has finally managed to break through my icy barrier, with its soundtrack remaining on repeat since my last viewing, latching tightly to the film’s only undeniable strength, only to realise now aspects of the film with a new vivid perspective. What before was seen as characters who lack an entryway for my emotions have begun to dust off an overlooked section, allowing me to finally feel the desires, angsts, and vulnerabilities of Mia and Seb - more so the former than the latter. However, despite this tighter attachment to the characters, I still find a considerable amount of distance that prevented me to completely swim in their emotional states. There is beauty palpable throughout La La Land, more so beyond the nostalgic glow that it carries proudly, and sadly it took me three viewings and a passionate amount of protest to flush the hate out of my system.

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