Midsommar ★★★★

Review In A Nutshell:

Like his debut, Hereditary, there is this enticing quality in his films. A manner that allures us to step closer, to peer into the pains and trauma of its leading character and watch them come to terms and understanding of their present condition. Florence Pugh’s performance here thrives under Ari Aster’s direction, showcasing Dani’s fragile state of mind (swirling a mixture of guilt, anxiety, and distrust). It is a performance that finds a strong sense of footing and growth in its first half, but a character study that feels retracted (but not abandoned) in its trip inducing second half. This latter portion finds Aster deep into a state of visual indulgence, sharing with us the personal perspectives of its characters and stretch their position of discomfort. I personally wished the characters were better handled, but the end result didn’t leave me dissatisfied. However, I was still attracted to Aster’s visual template and detailing, with my eyes drawn by its natural setting, costumes, and production designs. I came out of Midsommar soaked by its dripping gorgeousness, even with its small storytelling blemishes.

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