Moulin Rouge!

Moulin Rouge! ★★★★

Review In A Nutshell:

Dizzying in its visual splendour, Moulin Rouge! would undoubtedly be a divisive film for audiences, one that would either leave you in deep frustration or in overwhelming glee. I have fallen under the latter, with so much of its melodramatic splurge and glowing production design enveloping and engaging me from start to end. It demonstrates an evolution in Luhrmann’s craftsmanship as an auteur, highly unapologetic and reflects the vision that he intends to deliver to his curious audience. Despite the sense of chaos that surrounds it, Luhrmann achieves in maintaining constant orientation of the characters and the story, its intentions are palpable and foreseeable miles away, but its ultimate effect is a soothing and welcoming one rather than one that is disengaging and alienating. The utilisation of popular music is an aspect of Luhrmann that stems back to his debut film, and here he reinforces the fantastical world that he creates, as these songs exist as if without the context of reality to barricade its primary intention, to amplify and connect with the driving themes that advances its narrative. Complexity may not be the strongest suit to be found in the characters that populate this world, as their values and agendas are as evident as the scheme of their costumes and make-up, but Luhrmann’s intentions were not to over complicate the experience of his audience, as he simply wants to give an outstanding show, one where our grin extends from ear to ear.

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