Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive ★★★★★

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The air of mystery, the chilling sense of noir, the aura of surrealism, the stirring of duality and identity. Mulholland Drive is arguably David Lynch’s masterpiece, one that acts as the perfect entryway for his stylistic tendencies and passion for melodrama. The film sizzles with thoughtful satire against the concept of Los Angeles and the Hollywood culture, painting both a darkly optimistic and haunting backdrop that proves to be just as critical to the experience as following the story of its two identity chasing protagonists. Though the film’s first hour and a half carries the audience through with its quirks and suspense; it is however in the film’s final hour, where we dive into the uncertain waters of Silencio, that it delivers an experience that elevates the film to the top tier level that I, and many others, have regarded it. Engaging in its clever visual cues and clues, we become active participators in a film that could have easily handed its secrets to us in a neat and clear package, but to do so would defeat the Lynchian aesthetic that we all know and love.

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