Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World ★★★★½

Pulsating at you with great velocity, Scott Pilgrim vs The World Rambos at the human senses with it's striking and inspired visuals, and enveloping sound design; assembled together by a filmmaker who shares great passion for the incorporated genres and mediums, delivering something fresh, risky, and engaging, an experience that would surely stand the test of time, almost as if fighting the traditional boundaries of fictional storytelling, a quirky attitude that is infectious and honing itself in a protagonist that searches deeper into the soul, more so than one would expect from a feature that embraces in its chosen aesthetic.

Revealing little by little, the fragility of Scott Pilgrim, a young man who draws in women from his life to feed his aching soul, sometimes simply to compensate his hollow heart until something greater comes along. The film fires rapidly, a fierce pace that easily lets us overlook its specific character development; but it is undoubtedly present, right in the sighs and whines of our peculiar protagonist, almost constantly acting upon anxiety with an impulsive flourish that he barely finds himself escaping in tight social corners.

A premise of defeating a new girlfriend’s previous seven exes is enough to reinforce the video game aesthetic, but it ties fittingly with Scott’s needed growth, a thrust upon responsibility and passion that seems to lack during much of his past relationships; the concept of a fighting for the one is taken to such great lengths here that it all becomes so indulgently pleasing; if only the experience never fell into repetitive strains in its middle chapters, then I would have entirely embraced it without hesitation.

It is easy to lose oneself to the film’s energy as the cast themselves lose themselves to the absurdities in the roles that they play; they embrace their quirkiness in a manner that bleeds to the other aspects of the film. It is obvious that its young cast, and at the time fresh-faced, would eliminate much of the more “serious” of audiences, those who view this modern sense of experimentation as an exercise of visual craftsmanship rather than anything thematically substantial. Those are personal tastes that I cannot shake them from, but one’s distaste of Wright’s modern masterpiece is what makes an individual entirely unique; and I guess why should I rob them of that?

Can such a film like Scott Pilgrim vs The World expand itself from its cult status, could it potentially gain traction in acclaim, glorified by the masses as an overlooked piece of cinema that embodies perfectly the visceral capabilities of the medium

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