The Babadook ★★★★

Review In A Nutshell:

The Babadook is Australian horror film that relies more on character development and psychological elements in creating that sense dread and tension, rather than quick jump scares and an overbearing use of random supernatural imagery. Though this is not to say that the film does not have supernatural elements, as The Babadook itself can be seen as a fictional external creature; but viewing the film in that perspective does not give the overall satisfaction that director Jennifer Kent was attempting to achieve. The film forces us to care for the tragedies of its characters; viewing them as human beings who are personally damaged, a metaphorical demon consuming them and through Kent's lens, we are given the opportunity to see the situation through Amelia's perspective - the wife and mother who has lost her husband in a car accident whilst being driven to the hospital to give birth to her would be child. The film's photography is dark and its set design is simplistic but moody; featuring an abundance of grey and emptiness in the film's atmosphere. The film's music is limited but effective when it arrives, leaving an imprint of spookiness into our drums, shaking us until the scene provides relief. The performance were less than perfect, but not abundantly awful enough for me to be constantly distracted. I'm unsure how The Babadook would fare with me as a horror film in future viewings due to its physical attempts to scare me is scarce, but as a character study I am always sure to be satisfied.

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