The Dark Knight ★★★★★

Review In A Nutshell:

Tapping onto the root of 21st-century paranoia, fear, terrorism, and decay of immorality, The Dark Knight reveals the ongoing struggles of goodness and decency in healing the seemingly tortured and corrupt soul of Gotham. Christopher Nolan demonstrates the loneliness and the unjust dog-eat-dog mentality that reflects contemporary society, an approach that extends beyond the cheap and glorified superhero dynamics that are often served with the genre; these feel like real human beings attempting to fix a real issue, and because of this, it becomes easy to engage and latch onto their plights and yearnings, resonating at a very intimate and thoughtful level. This film boldly serves the slices of entertainment that one would expect from the genre, while also handing out something more, a substantial piece of social and political drama that remains influential and relevant 10 years past it’s initial release.

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