Variety ★★★★½

Review In A Nutshell:

Criminally under-viewed, E.A. Dupont’s Variete is a feature that doesn’t carry anything truly substantial as far as the story goes, but in regard to the mode that it embraces in its storytelling, this is undoubtedly one of the most brilliant pieces of work that I have ever seen. Dupont applies a fantastic blend of surrealistic and grounded melodramatic energy in its filmmaking that it succeeds in conveying an immense sense of depth in its characterisation, a factor that is critical since the film is supposed to showcase the rationale behind its protagonist’s eventual imprisonment. The film carries an empathetic and emotionally charged performance from Emil Jannings. I could probably go into detail on each aspect of the film’s production, and with it, find a wealth of strengths that justifies this film as a cinematic gem; I am going to save such discussions for that inevitable second viewing.

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