Your Name.

Your Name. ★★★★★

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Constantly in search for something, but don’t know what, and just when you think you had it, it starts to fade from you like a waking daze. Makoto Shinkai’s triumphant Your Name. is a film that explores the weight behind our identities, the enduring search of our better selves, the patience that we carry for that one individual we have long waited for to enter into our lives. It tackles upon such with a lean on the fantastical, but grounded by the heaviness of the history, culture, spirit and dreams that lingers within its world and beneath the characters themselves; an atmosphere that feels inherently Japanese and truthful, reflected not only by the narrative, but also in the detailing and cinematic essence of its visuals, this is a film that could only stand with genuine strength under the medium of animation and helmed under guidance by a Japanese filmmaker. All of which blends together in presenting this slice of melodrama - paired with the heart-tugging score by RADWIMPS - that affirms to me the reasons behind my passion for cinema and experiencing stories. Whether it was in the expansive scope of my local theatre or within the confines of my own room, watching Your Name. was and probably will be a shattering experience.

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