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Whether you already know the incredible story of how Mars Rovers Opportunity and Spirit lasted many years beyond their expected mission parameters or not, this insightful, emotional, and awe-inspiring documentary provides new depth and lets us experience the Rovers journey from concept all the way to their final sleep. We have a wonderful conversation about how affected we were and why we think this story about space exploration is so important.

Discussed in-depth on Episode 349 of the Feelin' Film Podcast

For decades Harvey Weinstein committed sexual abuse in and out of the workplace and for decades he was able to silence those who dared to ever try and speak out. But the New York Times report by journalists Megan Twohey and Jodi Kantor exposed these allegations and launched the #MeToo movement. We discuss why we think this dramatized story about their investigative work is strongly crafted and how important it is for this information to be shared with the world in a new format.

Discussed in-depth on Episode 348 of the Feelin' Film Podcast

It’s Marvel time again. We discuss the much anticipated sequel to the mega-hit BLACK PANTHER, with its introduction of a new super-powered antagonist who brings conflict for Wakanda to navigate, and the immense challenge of moving on without its title star Chadwick Boseman who tragically passed away due to cancer in 2020.

Discussed in-depth on Episode 347 of the Feelin' Film Podcast

We chat about the somewhat surprising new box office hit and what makes this simple and predictable throwback rom-com so enjoyable (and relatable).

Discussed in-depth on Episode 346 of the Feelin' Film Podcast

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To call this merely understated would be an understatement. It is quite sweet with its emotional outcome despite being entirely expected. In fact, nothing of interest actually really happens here. The so-called secret of Cáit's foster parents is obvious right away, but the reveal is drawn out. Can a 90-minute film feel too long? Yes, yes it can. I won't deny that it's a lovely looking picture with good performances, and I can appreciate tender storytelling with a good message…

Maybe I'm just not a fan of nor someone who feels particularly moved by the tragic comedy style. I can certainly agree with all of the acclaim for McDonagh's filmmaking talent. He gets great performances out of actors and this movie, in particular, looks and sounds beautiful. But his stories have never once fulfilled me. I don't mind bleakness when it's accompanied by hope. Instead McDonagh just gives us too men who embody the struggles of masculine connection, loneliness, and…

Has a few moments of beauty that shine through in the lovely relationship between Hilary and Stephen, but Mendes' script is overwritten and over-dramatized to a fault. We see struggles including racism, mental illness, and other social issues of the period, and they do serve to create two characters who are navigating challenging worlds and finding a sort of comfort within one another, but we also have to sit through multiple awkward sexual relationships in the process. What is really…

No one's gonna wanna risk being on the Naughty List after seeing what a perfectly cast David Harbour's grumpy Dad-bod Santa can to do a bunch of goofy murderous crooks who interrupt his depressed and drunken Christmas Eve. The plot doesn't even try to be unique but rather revels in how much it copies movies like DIE HARD (both 1 & 2), HOME ALONE, JOHN WICK, and more. There's absolutely nothing special about the story and its anti-greed/consumerism drive, or any…