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  • Romantic Comedy

    Romantic Comedy


    Fun and pertinent within its narrow band of polemic, although the film studies student part of me would have wish for a clearer essay structure and a wider consideration of types of rom coms including the hybrids and how the structure is used in westerns, sci & fantasy and action films. It also all but ignores international cinema. But I appreciate that it only covers a very specific type of romcom from a particular era and in that regard its worth your time.

  • Downhill



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    As with most of his films from the silent era, Downhill doesn't really have much in common with Hitch's later work in narrative terms. The BFI's synopsis suggests its "an early variation on his fabled ‘wrong man’ plot" but in all of the later examples, it's the spark for a propulsive suspense narrative whereas this is more of a morality or cautionary tale - it's Novello's choice not to reveal the truth. But it is an excellent example of episodic…

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  • Slumber



    Not as good as the poster BUT has Sylv playing the wise old mad man who explains who the antagonist in full on Curse of Fenric evil from before time mode. Absolutely worth it for his performance.

  • Phantom Thread

    Phantom Thread


    Was slightly distracted during the fashion show by the extra who looked like Peter Hitchens.