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  • Crossfire



    Above-average crime drama about the murder of a Jewish man committed by an antisemitic soldier. I am tempted to rate this film a little higher, because I was pleasantly surprised. There are a few moments that really stand out, elevating the film beyond the typical police procedural, but by the end, when the lead investigator gives his obligatory speech against prejudice I found myself bristling at the language. Did audiences in 1947 need to hear that maybe one day they…

  • Mr. Thank You

    Mr. Thank You


    A slice of life story of depression-era Japan that mostly takes place on a bus, where the titular character is the bus driver who calls out, “Arigato!” to all of the people who move aside so he can pass them on the road. 

    On the surface, the story is about the passengers - especially a mother and daughter who are on their way to Tokyo where the girl will be sold into prostitution due to their dire financial straits, the…

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  • The Night of the Hunter

    The Night of the Hunter


    I’d seen this movie once before, way back when my love affair with old movies had just begun. And I was amazed that it was released in 1955. The cinematography seemed so ahead of its time; the sets purposely artificial - like a gothic version of the American countryside - lending the film an otherworldly aura that made it so different from anything I had seen up to that point. The story of a psychopathic preacher who goes around killing…

  • The Wind

    The Wind



    I’m such an asshole. The last time I watched a silent film I made some comments about how there is nothing really to rate because in lieu of dialogue everyone just makes exaggerated expressions and cinematography wasn’t even invented yet (Oof). And how I only watch these films (and very rarely) to scratch an itch to experience some little piece of the past and not because I expect them to be great or even very entertaining. You have to…