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  • Casque d'Or

    Casque d'Or


    It’s hard to invest in a love story in a world where love comes so cheaply. A smoldering stare and a dance is all it takes to capture a man’s heart and have him discard his fiancé and future. The object of his desire has a man of her own, and although he’s an absolute brute I couldn’t help but wonder if he’d started out that way, or maybe (just maybe) they’d also done this dance before; the excitement of…

  • Poison



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    A man kills his wife. Afterwards he discovers that she was planning on killing him. He is acquitted and made into the town hero. The End. 

    A couple things: 

    The wife was insufferable and I didn’t feel bad for her, but a lot was made of the fact that she was unattractive. It was used both as a punchline and as justification for her murder. The husband (played by the doughy Michel Simon, who had seen better days) was himself…

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  • The Night of the Hunter

    The Night of the Hunter


    I’d seen this movie once before, way back when my love affair with old movies had just begun. And I was amazed that it was released in 1955. The cinematography seemed so ahead of its time; the sets purposely artificial - like a gothic version of the American countryside - lending the film an otherworldly aura that made it so different from anything I had seen up to that point. The story of a psychopathic preacher who goes around killing…

  • Sorry, Wrong Number

    Sorry, Wrong Number


    When I was maybe 13, my mom dragged me around shopping one day, and I discovered a boxed set of audio tapes of an old-timey radio show called Suspense. The synopsis on the back described this as the forerunner of the Twilight Zone, which is (of course) my favorite TV show of all time, so I had to get it. 

    For many nights I lay awake listening to the show in the dark, the clanging of the bells and the…