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  • Residue



    More of a visual poem than a linear narrative that screams college thesis film; but in this case not in a bad way.

    Very rarely have I seen DC so lovingly & accurately rendered on screen (I mean the movie opened with TCB's "Roll Call" for godsakes!) and for that along this film feels special. But thankfully outside of that it's a film brimming with raw, naturalistic performances, unique cinematography and an inspired usage of dreamscapes to tell important pieces of…

  • His House

    His House


    A harrowing and visually striking exploration of a kind of survivor's guilt, grief & isolation that's so very specific to refugees. While there are similar films on a stylistic level, I greatly applaud the director & writer for choosing to tackle this tale through the lens of horror. Also the two leads are absolutely phenomenal and carry this film with ease. The "town" aspect of the film is a bit undercooked in comparison to the "haunted house" but ultimately I can overlook…

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