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  • Thoroughbreds


    One star for every dead horse.

  • Don't Go in the House

    Don't Go in the House


    I saw one review that said that this is a movie that is super enjoyable even as you realize it's ripping off better movies, and that seems pretty accurate. A great lead performance, some great effects/stunt work, and an intriguing portrayal of a broken man's psyche make this worth a watch.

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  • Lady Bloodfight

    Lady Bloodfight


    This should have been easy: cast a bunch of capable martial artists, get to the fighting quickly, have lots of fighting, and most importantly, make the fighting legible. Unfortunately, the only thing they got right was that first one; most of the cast you have seen performing stunts in a multitude of blockbuster movies, and they certainly prove themselves up to the task of making a female Bloodsport.

    Unfortunately, the director clearly was not. By the time we get to…

  • Peter Rabbit

    Peter Rabbit


    Yo, what are they feeding these Kidd's movies directors in the UK? This is basically Paddington the Lesser; it does more work to appeal directly to children, but it is devilishly clever, genuine, and hilarious in its own right. Has a self-awareness that evokes Mel Brooks or... well, Bugs Bunny. An unexpected delight.

    EDIT: Apparently, the director of this is not British, and is indeed an American who has gifted the world with The McCarthys, Friends with Benefits, and the Annie remake. I guess you could say he pulled this one out of his hat.