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  • The Bronze

    The Bronze


    Over-the-top, yes (I almost stopped watching early on when we see Hope masturbating to footage from her Olympics then snorting ground allergy medication), but still funny enough, specifically the dialogue and accents (is this Ohio accent a thing?). I also have a soft spot for female characters who don't give a fuck except when they kind of do. Watching Hope sabotage the new local Olympic hopeful and criticize her dad for treating her like a little girl when she behaves…

  • The Falling

    The Falling


    A bit too much going on here, some of it interesting, not all cohering for me. Something about girls and sexuality, power and mind-body, with a dash of nature v. nurture. And the music drove me crazy.

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  • Thoroughbreds



    I'll be thinking about this one for a while. It certainly put me in a strange mood that's lingered through the rest of my day. It impressed me with its storytelling economy (the sound of that rowing machine) and with the way it required me to reevaluate the characters and my feelings about them several times. Plus, that score. I also became fixated on the two actresses' eyes, Cooke's big and round, Taylor's wide-set, almost alien. Seeing the world through them was discomfiting.

  • Godless



    A frustrating case of false advertising, Godless is a pretty standard Western with some conspicuously pretty shots (riders crossing a stream! our hero literally riding off into the sunset!) and few surprises. So many opportunities are lost as the central characters remain violent white men with "complicated" back stories. Some women are characterized better than others (I wanted to know more about the woman running the hotel; meanwhile, crazy, naked German lady gets a last minute "fleshing out" in the…