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  • By Dawn's Early Light

    By Dawn's Early Light

    Everything in the nuclear war genre (Fail Safe, Dr. Strangelove, War Games)--as opposed to the nuclear fallout genre (Testament, Threads, The Morning After)--is under the shadow of Dr Strangelove. Accordingly the films benefit from humor when showing mankind as violent, stupid and prone to error, and lose marks when they give themselves over to preachiness and melodrama.

    Watching this after a break of 30 years what stood out the most other than the melodrama was technology/military fetishization. The destruction of…

  • The Octagon

    The Octagon

    Tries to build an air of international intrigue, a world of mercenaries, terrorists, and ninja training compounds but everything has the weight of Chuck Norris on a date --of which he goes on several. Even there the dialogue, attempting to be witty and urbane, is so stilted and mannered in its delivery that it comes out flat and lifeless. The only thing that registers is what every other reviewer has already commented on: Norris' hilariously goofy, echo-y tormented ninja-focused inner…

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  • It Is Fine! Everything Is Fine.

    It Is Fine! Everything Is Fine.

    Went to a showing last night in Paducah, KY. (Town of 24,000, next to Slovenia on his screening schedule.) Greatly enjoyed the experience. Notes:

    - Paducah was a ghost town, and beset by a lightning storm. Only people visible were workers in restaurants. One claimed we couldn't sit in a main section because she had a party of 30 coming, which never came

    - There was a flood wall I assume blocking sight of the river, with lavish historical murals…

  • Under the Silver Lake

    Under the Silver Lake

    Another Big Lebowski-esque movie that begs the question "Why not just watch Big Lebowski?" (Similar to Inherent Vice.) I also disliked Lebowski on first viewing, and fell in love with it on repeated ones. I have only watched this once.

    In structure/form/locale it brings to mind that movie more than The Big Sleep or The Long Goodbye, telling us life is absurd, that culture is commodity (via the songwriter scene) no matter how it hard sells itself as not, that…