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  • Brooklyn



    Absolutely wild how much period dramas slap to me considering how only like 2% of films in this genre actually have brown or black people

  • Hustlers



    they didn’t show lili reinhardt stripping because they knew NOTHING could top betty pole dancing to mad world in riverdale

    also jlo’s introduction to criminal by fiona apple was a religious experience

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  • Burning



    Steven Yeun is so fine he could yawn at me and I would say thank you

  • The Social Network

    The Social Network


    some thoughts:

    - the score really is extremely my jam
    - I can’t believe I had this at 4.5 when this is a 5-star movie and I should’ve known it from the moment erica said “dating you is like dating a stairmaster” 
    - every man in this movie is trash tbh (even eduardo because he gave the algorithm to and was friends with a guy who made a site to rank girls’ looks)
    - sorkin’s dialogue is almost too smart…