Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★

Somehow worse than the lowest expectations I had set for this one, Army of the Dead is not fun, exciting or entertaining. I came for zombie fun and while there some cool zombie moments, the characters are so horrendously terrible and the movie is ungodly long for no reason. 

(Insert generic Zack Snyder had visual visuals review)

I keep hearing how Dave Bautista saves the movie and I couldn’t disagree more. Look I love Batista the wrestler and Dave is great in Marvel movies, but he and his character are laughably bad here. Now he is by no means given a lot to work with but I was surprised how uncool he came off. At least I had a rooting interest, as I was rooting for the zombies to kill each and every member of the heist team. 

By the time shit hits the fan (I mean we do get a cool zombie tiger) I had long checked out. Such a downgrade from Dawn of the Dead. And a painfully unfunny movie too, which was quite surprising 

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