The Empire Strikes Back

The Empire Strikes Back ★★★

Well I figured I’d be due for 1 or 2 Star Wars hot takes and it came sooner than expected. Empire Strikes Back starts off strong with an epic snow battle and then grinds to a screeching halt. For the next hour it is a true slog to get through, with Yoda being incredibly creepy and Han and Leia off in nowhereland. Fortunately everything after the arrival with Lando restores my faith/interest in Star Wars, but I strongly disliked the middle portion of this film. Naturally the big reveal with Vader loses a little bit of its impact as literally everyone knows his relation to Luke. I’m sure I will grow to appreciate this film as a vital bridge to Return of the Jedi, but I still remain surprised that this is considered by many to be the top in the franchise. But then again, I’m used to having contrarian opinions to beloved movies. 

MVP: Vader
LVP: Yoda. I really dislike everything about him. Am I on the dark side?

Up next, I’m heading to The Phantom Menace

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