Untold: Crime & Penalties

Untold: Crime & Penalties ★★★½

This is the first of the new Netflix Untold series I’ve watched and it left a pretty good impression so far. Clearly inspired by the 30 for 30 series, Netflix certainly found a colorful story here, with “the real life Tony Soprano” buying his 17-year-old son a minor league hockey team. The characters are as ridiculous as you’d expect and some of the antics these doors pulled are just epic

My biggest criticism would be that it feels like it’s produced by the Galantes, in that it glosses over most negative stuff involved with the mafia and paints them in a silly/quirky way. In the end, these were legitimate criminals and although the hockey product was hilarious (hell John Cena went to a game), these aren’t exactly heroes. 

Still this documentary gets a ton of different voices of all the people that were there and does a good job of capturing the “Trasher” vibe. Good start to this series

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