Her ★★★★½

A melancholy dramatic film. Everything seems perfect at first, and then things begin to fall apart. A lot like a regular relationship. It's a great character study.

Emotional and deep, with a lot of meaning behind it. A whole lot of examination of relationships.

Joaquin Phoenix. Is awesome. Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master gave me a great introduction to the incredible actor, and ever since he has never ceased to impress. I cannot wait to see Inherent Vice.


Really beautiful. It focuses on random things, like a sewage gutter. I think that would represent feeling. I'm an amateur when it comes to interpretation of cinematography, but sometimes I think I can spot things.

Oh, and guess what. Tomorrow, I get to finally (FINALLY) see the only movie I really think has the potential to dethrone Gravity as my favorite film as 2013. It just got into theaters nearby (I was going to watch it for my birthday but had to watch American Hustle instead). Inside Llewyn Davis! I can't wait, I have been waiting since 2012 for this freaking movie. It was supposed to be the equivalent of the hype I built up in myself for Dark Knight Rises in 2012.

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