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  • Still Tomorrow

    Still Tomorrow


    “The title of Yu Xiuhua’s most well-known poem “Cross Half of China to Sleep with You,” is thunderous. To cross thousands of miles just for a sex ritual. The core of Yu Xinhua writings is “love” and “fear” - want to love someone but dare not to because she feels she is not good enough. Yu Xinhua and Emily Dickinson have noted similarities. Their isolated lives make their imagination extravagant. Such power in turn makes them extremely sensitive. Her isolation…

  • Bugs



    This is so interesting! When one looks at bugs at their first instance is that these moving and sometimes slimy and moist creatures are more than disgusting. However, this is only on the surface. Everything on Earth, the ones that moves (and certainly ones that don't) are at most edible. This is about food diversity, global food sustainability and future resolvement on food shortages and malnutrition as our global population grows. Bugs are rich in proteins and zinc. zinc is…

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  • Wham! in China: Foreign Skies

    Wham! in China: Foreign Skies


    This was before George Michael's solo music career. The 80's a Chinese decade that just opened its doors after decades of isolation and backwardness because of Proletarian upheaval of the Cultural Revolution during the Mao-era. Re-introduction of foreign Western music was almost unheard of for everyday nationalists of the People's Republic of China. Before the Communist Party took over PRC's political landscape in October 1st,1949, major cities of China (mostly seaports) were already accustomed to the West and Western offerings.…