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  • L'Atalante



    I’ve had my complaints about the app’s janky UI and distracting streaming quality, but I hadn’t realized how much I’ve come to rely on FilmStruck. It’s basically been acting as the bonus features to whatever I watch at the Metrograph.*

    It started with rewatching Ozu — getting to experience his movies first on the big screen, then returning to them at home, with alternate subtitles and commentary tracks. And more recently, the combination has led me to L’Atalante — a…

  • Boy Meets Girl

    Boy Meets Girl


    Denis Lavant as a guy named Alex; Mireille Perrier as an impossibly beautiful, intensely captivating love interest; Pont Neuf as Paris touchstone; a bang-bang beginning; languorous middle; twisty/cheeky ending; and many ridiculously sublime moments in-between — almost all of Carax’s stylistic traits and obsessions are already on display in his first film.

    But one more is worth noting: his penchant for featuring Bowie’s worst music in a big way, with “Time Will Crawl” in The Lovers on the Bridge, “Modern Love” in Mauvais Sang, and “When I Live My Dream” here.

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  • Superman



    Christopher Reeve, goddammit.

    Also, I actually appreciate the preposterous ending more as I get older. (Maybe as much as I enjoyed it when I was a kid.) It's not sci-fi, it's myth.

  • X-Men Origins: Wolverine

    X-Men Origins: Wolverine

    A movie featuring a team of mutant super-assassins hunting down Wolverine … And it sucks? Nice job, assfaces.